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Corrymoor Woodlander


he Woodlander is knee length and has a cushioned sole, reinforced heel and ribbed leg with a turnover top. It is designed for comfort and protection along with extreme durability.

The Woodlander is perfect for field sports, walking, gardening and all outdoor pursuits.

From field to festival, the Woodlander gives warmth and sweat-free comfort.

No more trenchfoot!

Are for men, woman and children. Have a cushioned sole, ribbed leg and lightly elasticated welt. Are knee length with a turnover top. Are extemely hard wearing and will last for ages. Are resilient and will keep their shape after many months of wear! Are odour resistant (smooth mohair fibres have nowhere for smelly foot bacteria to lurk). Can be machine washed at 40⁰c (see washing instructions).

Fibre Content: 68% Mohair, 32% JAS Nylon

Why add nylon? Mohair itself has relatively little elasticity and so we add nylon to give extra stretch. The nylon does not detract from the beneficial effects of the mohair.

So what is the best way to care for your Corrymoors?

•Do not use detergents containing enzymes—check the detergent packaging
•Wool wash at 40°c
•Use a gentle spin (most wool washes will incorporate this into the cycle anyway)
•Do not tumble dry
•Wash dark colours separately at first

A Bit of Science and tips on washing

Mohair is a fibre made up of the protein keratin (like your own hair, silk, wool and other animal fibres). The scales of the mohair fibre are flattened and overlay each other giving a smooth surface (unlike wool). This gives mohair its smooth handle and high lustre and your Corrymoor Socks their unique hard-wearing, anti-bacterial (no smell), wicking and non-felting properties.

Mohair has a much greater resistance to shrinking and felting than other natural fibres, but it too finds it hard to resist the action of the protease enzymes found in many of the "low temperature" detergents. Sadly, the enzymes cannot tell the difference between dirt and the protein fibres of the mohair which can ultimately weaken and breakdown resulting in slight shrinkage and felting of your beloved Corrymoors.